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Max wakes up to a shock on his wrist.he looks down at the elematrix and sees that its sending electric sparks all over his arm.then the elematrix says DNA............Installing..........max started to worry what happened so he went to his galactic phone and as soon as he got to his phone it started to ring.he hit the accept button and saw Still ...Max its so good to see you still said.Still max said were are you.Still said ok i dont have much time i think im in a cave on the planet........and elema hacked the elematrix so you wouldnt have any of the alien powers he wait still how are you alive.elema ............suddenly elema came up grabbed max and said hey what are you doing up you cant talk to max anyway cause i blocked his number so he will never find out about us on max thought to him self.max ran to his ship and right as he was about to take off the elematrix said 1 new dna sample installed 5 more to go.then max transformed into GunCotton .grrrrr a cant control the ship with this form.then Bada Boom crashed down through the top of the ship.when Bada Boom looked up GunCotton flashed in BadaBooms eyes making him look away then GunCotton ran up and ripped bada booms head off.then the elematrix said 1 new dna sample installed 4 more to go then max turned into EBender.EBender used earth to fix the hole in the top of the ship and he took off.When he got to Mushalopuratoo he tracked were stills call came from.when he found the cave he landed and EBender made a fire ball in his hand and used it to light his way.EBender walked for a while until he finally heard elema walking by.EBender put out the fire and hid.When elema was gone he kept on going but when he turned the corner he saw Deather .Deather shot laser vision at EBender but EBender shot a super strong gust of wind at him and sent him flying away.EBender kept walking down the cave something heavy suddenly hit his back nocking him down he got it off and saw what it was still lifeless again EBender looked up and saw elema looking at him.Elema said now max you will finally die.the the elematrix said 1 new alien dna sample installed 3 more to go and max turned into WrapUp .Elema Shot an arrow at WrapUp and WrapUp put him self in a cocoon and let all the arrows bounce off then he tuned into GunCotton and used super speed to grab still and run back out to his ship and fly off

Major Events[]

  • Elematrix was Hacked
  • Max lost all original aliens
  • Max got new aliens
  • Bada Boom Died


  • Max
  • Still


  • Bada Boom
  • Elema
  • Deather