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Glen 10 Omniverse/C12OS
Season 1 (for both series), Episode 8 (Glen 10 Omniverse) 11 (Cassie 12)
Air date today
Written by Ren
Directed by Speedy
Episode Guide
LockneCassie(Cassie) The Quest, Part 2 (Glen)
??? (both series)


Glen meets C12. Duh! Trollface.png . OK, OK ill explain. C12 is fighting a villain when Glen appears in Cassie's Universe with both of them as aliens. Read to find out more Trollface.png!




Glen: aaaaaahhhh (relaxed) . A nice peaceful day. What could go wrong? Wait. Forget i said that!

Rook: Glen, EAT YOU'RE SALAD!!!!!!

Glen: Never! I hate salad (folds his arms).

Rook: Real Mature, Glen.

Glen: Thank you.


Glen: Trollface.png

Rook: What do we pay with?

Glen: $$$$$$ DUDE!!!!

Rook: what type of money dude?

Glen: -_- (shows Rook a fake dollar)

Rook: Oh. Ive got billions of those.

Glen: (suprised) DA FUQ?

Rook: I thought they'd never be useful

McMicky manager:Check?

Glen: how much?

Manager: $25.75


(Rook pays, then they leave)

Manager: hmmm...


Glen, playing with a yo-yo: Im bored.

Rook: bored?

Glen: it means i am unamused

Rook: hmmmm.....(steals Glen's yo-yo and runs)

Glen:HEY!!! (transforms) Xlr8!!! (chases after Rook)

Rook:amused? (starts flying)

Xlr8: GRR. (transforms) Ult. Xlr8!!! (starts flying)

(Rook attempts to use galvanic mecha solar powered rocket, also known as Rook's awesome jetpack, but Ult Xlr8 kicks the bottom, causing what looks like a black hole)

(Black hole starts sucking in many objects)

Ult. Xlr8: Time for another Alien!


Baboon: This is a new one! What does this do?

(Baboon turns into a huge, inflatable ball, which clogs the black hole)

Baboon: that was easy.

Rook: looks like you'll have to stay there forever to stop the black hole from sucking the whole

universe into it.


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  • Testing...
  • One, two, three...