General Information
Species Vladat
Home World Anur Vladias
DNA source Lord Transyl
Alternate Counterparts Whampire
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hypnotism
Voice Actor Selena Gomez

Glampire is Derwin 13’s Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Vladat from the planet Anur Vladias in Derwin 13.


Glampire is small and skinny, to the point of looking anemic. She has long, shaggy, soft, ebony hair. She has little wings.

Powers and Abilities

She possesses the same hypnotic ablilities as the other Vladat.


Sunlight hurts her, but unlike most Vladats, she sparkles when it happens.


The sparkles put the Glam in Glampire.


  • She was made for Halloween.
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