General Information
Species TekWek
Home World LokBlok
Body Humanoid Crystalline
Powers and Abilities
First Appearance none
GimBlocker is a TekWek from LokBlok in Rex X.


GimBlocker is a humaniod crystaline, with an irregular shaped body. His torso is irregular, as if it was in the shape of the illusion of a ghost heading towards the ground. He has a tail, although spikey, like the rest of his body. He has 2 spikey legs and hands. He has 2 pairs of spikey fins between his hands and legs. In the middle of his torso, he has one eye. For a head, he has a mouth with sharp teeth, and two spikes on his head.


GimBlocker has the abilty to use his spikes as weaponery and armor. He can also concentrate the eye on his torso to shoot a mini soundwave, stunning enemies. He can direct solar energy into his spikes to provide energy for GimBlocker. His "Razor-Sharp teeth" aren't just sharp by itself. It uses solar energy to create Hardened Bioluminos, which he either uses for his teeth, or to emit projecticles at enemies.


GimBlocker, if drained of energy, could not survive in a cold,damp, and dark climate.


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Other Series

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