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General Information
Species: Girumah
Home World: Anur Millgan
DNA Source: Unknown
Body: Fish Man
Powers and Abilities
Abilities: Water Predator Physiology
Land Form
Classification: Fauna
First Appearance: TBA

Gillotine is an alien transformation created for Ben 10: Milky Way Race. He is available for free use.


Gillotine's abilities include:

  • Water Predator Physiology
    • Gillotine can swim in water real good and even manipulate it to create high-pressure currents. He has heightened strength, agility, and durability, and his claws are strong and sharp enough to carve through solid rock, making him an unmatched apex predator on his home planet.
  • Land Form
    • If Gillotine ventures out of the water for more than 5 minutes, his body will rapidly mutate into his Land form, consuming him in a fiery blast before revealing a new physiology adapted for life on the surface. His agility in this form is severely diminished, but he gains even more impressive strength and a thick hide immune to most forms of physical damage.


Gillotine is a fish-like humanoid covered in various shades of teal. Extravagant gold patterns dot his body, used in nature for attracting mates. His forearms and lower legs widen out as they approach their tips. His hands are massive blocks of muscle, each ending in four claw-tipped fingers used for tearing apart prey.

A bright-red organic crystal is situated in an organ on the top of his forehead. This crystal generates a small amount of light, and appears to be used for luring in unsuspecting prey in dark waters. It also seems to serve as the starting point of Gillotine's Land Form transformation, generating the explosive blaze used to molt his old skin.

In his Land form, Gillotine's gold patterns become silver, with his teal body turning various shades of brown. The gills on his chest are replaced with ribbed structures running along the lower sides of his chest, and the faceplate usually covering his mouth is gone. His eyes gain cross-shaped pupils, making them more adept at seeing through air.

The Omnitrix symbol is on his back.


Gillotine cannot breathe well outside of the water, and is much less powerful on dry land before assuming his Land Form.

If his Land Form comes into contact with any body of water, Gillotine will immediately begin to revert to his original state, even if he is otherwise on dry land.


If you use Gillotine in your series, please list his appearances here.


  • Gillotine is based on the Gill-Man from 1954's Creature from the Black Lagoon. I'm far from the first person to figure this out, but his planet's name "Millgan" is just the word "Gillman" with the 'G' and the 'M' swapped, creating an obvious inference as to what kind of species could live there.
  • Gillotine's fiery form change is a reference to how the original Gill-Man slowly transformed into a land creature after being immolated in his third movie.

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