Gigntosore is an alien from Ben 10: Infinite Power.


He is around 20 ft tall. His skin is green with darker patches around the feet. His head is similar in shape to Humunousaur's except with a slightly broader jaw. His teeth are extremely sharp and his tongue is split at the end. He has 4 Stegasaurus-like plates down his spine and spikes down the tail. His hands have three clawed fingers and a clawed thumb. Spikes run from his wrist to his elbow. His geet are just like Humungousaur's except with extremly sharp claws. His eyes are green and he hasthe infinitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers & Abilities

Just like Humungousaur, Gigantosore can grow. However, they are from the same planet, so it is possible they adapted the same way. When he grows all the spikes on his body grow to. He is also extremely strong and can knock down buildings without having to grow.


Dylan 11: Ultimate Evolution

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