General Information
Species To'kustar
Home World Cosmic storms
Body Giant Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Skilled Melee Combatant
Cosmic Rays
Space Survivability
Temperature Resistance
Cosmic Storm Manipulation
First Appearance Fate of the Universe: Part 3

Gigantico s the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a To'kustar born from cosmic storms in Ben 12: Omnitrix Unleashed.


Gigantico is a colossal grey humanoid alien with orange armor plating on his arms and chest. He has a red frill on his head. He has two massive red eyes and two small ones. As for his size, he stands at 296.4 feet tall.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength- Gigantico is incredibly strong due to his size and is easily strong enough to destroy a small planet, or lift the weight of the Moon.
  • Enhanced Speed- Gigantico can react to faster-than-light attacks, and can travel through space at similar galaxy-spanning velocities.
  • Enhanced Durability- Gigantico has great durability, withstanding attacks from enemies while barely even feeling them.
  • Skilled Melee Combatant- He is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Cosmic Rays- Gigantico can shoot powerful cosmic rays by crossing his arms, capable of destroying entire planets, or overpowering similar attacks.
  • Space Survivability- Gigantico can survive in the vacuum of space.
  • Temperature Resistance- Gigantico is resistant to extreme temperatures.
  • Cosmic Storm Manipulation- Gigantico can create and control cosmic storms as a means of inhabitation and transportation.


  • nintentional Strength Damage- Gigantico sometimes forgets how strong he is. His size also gives him a slight mobility issue, since he has to be careful where he steps to avoid crushing objects and people around him.
  • Vulnerable Head Fin- A hit to his fin, a weak spot, could paralyze him.
  • Durability Limit- Despite his immense durability, Gigantico is vulnerable to opponents with sufficient strength.
  • Vulnerable to Being Lifted- Gigantico can be lifted and thrown by a Vaxasaurian, even at base height.
  • Ambushed by Small Enemies- Certain beings about as small as one centimeter can go inside Gigantico's head and attack him.




  • Fate of the Universe: Part 3


  • This is a recolor made by Alanomaly of the Ben 10 design of Way Big.
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