Gigabyte is the Codon Stream’s DNA Sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet.

Powers: ********

Strength: *******

Speed: *********

Powers and Abilities: This cousin alien of Galvanic Mechamorph can hack into technology, override technology and do a number of things with it.

He possesses all of a Galvanic Mechamorph’s abilities. He has tethered ribs, hard enough to break through metal or other solids. He has razor sharp claws which can cut through solid substances too.

He can manipulate a yellow beam which explodes on impact causing explosions. The radius of the explosion can be manipulated at will too.

He can absorb energy to convert it into the beam, for using. Also, he can jump so high, that he can skip quite a few kilometers in one jump. Also, many fans rumored that he can also fly.

Appearance: He has a slim, skeletal and rough body shape. His head extended outwards a bit, and he also has a thick yellow circle around his neck.

He has a black and yellow color scheme. He has a skeletal-like body design with a deep gravelly voice, like Big Chill. The Ultratrix symbol is on his chest.

Physical Info: This species was found by the Galvans centuries after they discovered Galvanic Mechamorphs. They were brought to life from the minerals which were rich for solar energy absorption.

They feed on the reflective mineral and plasma energy of their planet which was not named, either by Galvans nor by any other species. They live in the open fields of their planet.

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