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Gift Chomp
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Christmas Present

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Elastic Arms
Sharp Teeth


Small Stature

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Gift Chomp is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Donuitta from the planet Subarbore. He is a free use alien made by Alan.


Gift Chomp has the appearance of a Christmas gift wrapped in red paper with green ribbons. On the front of his body, his teeth are shown, while his green eyes are on either side. He has green arms that branch off from the ribbons on the sides of his body.

Gift Chomp wears the Omnitrix symbol on his head, acting similar to a bow.


  • Gift Chomp's ribbon arms are elastic, stretching great distances. This is used to catch his prey.
  • Gift Chomp has sharp teeth.


  • Gift Chomp has a small stature.


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  • Gift Chomp's name is a play on "gift shop" and "chomp."
  • Gift Chomp's species name is a play on the Latin words "donum," meaning gift, and "uitta," meaning ribbon.
  • Gift Chomp's planet name is a play on the Latin words "sub arbore," meaning under the tree, where Christmas gifts are usually placed.


  • Gift Chomp's concept is similar to a Mimic, and was specifically inspired by those of some Minecraft mods.
  • Gift Chomp was originally going to have ribbon legs, but this was decided against.
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