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Ghostgrade is a fusion of Zs'Skayr and Ship. He appeared in Zs'Skayr? and The Spookiest Finale.

Ben 10: Multi Trixes

In Zs'Skayr?, Zs'Skayr escaped from the Minitrix and fused with Ship. Ben joked that he should be Ghostgrade, but Zs'Skayr objected. Although he's called Zs'Skayr throughout the episode, Ghostgrade is the official name for the fusion. Ghostgrade later posessed and fused with Alien X, giving his form stars. In The Spookiest Finale, Part 1, he posessed Albedo as The Ultimate Alien. He stayed the same throughout Part 2, but in Part 3, he came out of Albedo. But Ben separated him from Alien X, regaining him, then sucked him in, leaving Ship there. For some reason, Zs'Skayr was still partially fused with Ship, so Ben got Ghostgrade instead of Ghostfreak.

Current Whereabouts

"Ghostgrade" was what the fusion was called, so when Ben DNA sampled him (getting Ghostgrade), the fusion no longer existed as it's own life form.


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