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Upgrade was mysteriously abducted by Ghostfreak. When Ben retrieved it, though, he changed into Ghostgrade! He can merge into things (everything and bring it to life) and invisibility.


His weakness is acid! He reappears in Ken 10: Ultimate Evolution as one of Ken's 10 aliens, and Ben 10: Multi Trixes as a replacement for Ghostfreak.

Ghostgrade in Ben 10: Multi Trixes

Name Ghostgrade
Species Mechamorph- Ectonourite
Home Planet Unknown, since this was an accident


Ghostgrade has shown to have limited amount of abilities though the creator - Lord Ghostfreak said that he can -

  1. Merge things and Bring it to life
  2. Invisiblity
  3. Telekinesis (though Lord Ghostfreak said that Ben is limited to use this ability)
  4. Telepathy (Ben is totally mute in this form and he telepathically talk to someone)
  5. Regenerative Ability


  • Acid
  • His White Skin can be visible at night
  • Electricity as a type of Mechamorph, he is vulnerable to electricity
  • Extreme Frigidity
  • Water


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