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Ghostgoop is goop and ghostfreak fused,he is an alien in the multimatrix,the most powerfull creation ever.


Ghostfreak broke out of the multimatrix and started attacking the city.Ben said his trademark catch phrase,"it's hero time!" and transformed into goop.He shoot ghostfreak with some slime but ghostfreak turned invisible,then he snuck behind him and took control of him.He then transformed into Ghostgoop and went on a rampage,and started stacking the city.


Ghostgoop has the one eye like ghostfreak,with lines around him like ghostfreak.He has ghostfreak's body,arms,and tail with goop's substance.He has goop's body and hands he also has the two spikes,that stick out of his shoulders like goop also.Ghostgoop Has the same anti-gravity device,he can also shift between ghostfreak's tail,to goop's legs.He is larger then goop and ghostfreak also the lines on him,are wider then ghostfreak's.His tentacles are made of goop's slime,and are green in color.

Powers and Abilities[]


Acid hose


Strecthable body and limbs



Shoots energy from eye


Can shoot acid,slime,and energy out of tentacles

Density control

Can change into a smoke-like form

Can shoot slime

Can survive In sunlight

Anti-gravity device can slice enemies



Same as ghostfreak's and goop's.


He will appear in my new show Ben 10 multiverse,and whoever else wants him,but you have to give me full credit.


He can shift between goop's legs and ghostfreak's tail.

His tentacles are the colors of goop's slime,they are also made of goop's slime.

He has another eye but it is strangely not in the lines,it's where one of goop's eyes was.

When he turns into his smokescreen form it is green.