In this world, Ghostfreak did succeed in possessing Ben as a child. He has been in control for half a decade and made Earth an Ectonurite habitat.


This version of Ben pretty much had the same life as Ben Prime, but failed in defeating Ghostfreak. When he escaped, Ghostfreak took control of Ben's body and started infecting the world with his virus. The Plumbers were the first to fall of course and that made Earth much more vulnerable. He began spreading his Ectonurite virus all over the planet by converting humans into his drones. Human by human began falling under Ghostfreak's power and no one was able to stop him. Ben is still alive inside his body somewhere, but he's been trapped for so long that his will has diminished and cannot resist Ghostfreak.

Although because Ghostfreak is possessing Ben's body, he has retained most of Ben's likings. He enjoys chili fries very much, but hates smoothies, and at times has Ben's sense of humor. Ghostfreak's reach has almost completely taken over the Earth, but in time a small resistance formed. Max led the resistance to overthrow Ghostfreak and to free Ben, but unfortunately Max fell in battle. He was captured and Ghostfreak executed Max, but was just cruel enough to actually let Ben watch. So then after Max's demise, Gwen took over as leader, but it was futile. The fight against Ghostfreak was a losing one and eventually Gwen became crippled.

Although she was allowed to live as punishment for her failure in stopping Ghostfreak. The rest of the planet soon became slave to his hive mind. However Ghostfreak didn't stay contempt with one world, as he soon wanted the whole universe under his thrall.

Personal Facts

  • Ghostfreak can change from his alien and human forms at will without an Omnitrix.
  • Even as a human, he has amazing strength, but cannot draw on his Ectonurite powers.
  • He is even capable of mutating parts of his human form to resemble his black and white Ectonurite tentacles.
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