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Ghostfreak is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Ectonurite from the interdimensional planet Anur Phaetos.


Ghostfreal is a thin, humanoid ghost with no legs. He has a big eye and a grey outer skin. The Omnitrix symbol in inside this skin, making it not visible until the chest is opened to show his true form.


Ghostfreak, unlike most of the Omnitrix transformations, has no soul.

Powers and Abilities

Ghostfreak can fly, turn intangible and invisible. He can also possess bodies of almost any being (though it works better with non-sapient beings).

Ghostfreak can remove his outer skin on the chest to expose his tentacles, which are prehensile and extendable.

He possesses a movable eye.

Mechamorph DNA enhancement

When Ghostfreak's Omnitrix symbol fused itself with Upgrade's DNA, Ghostfreak got a mercury composition and the ability to possess cyborgs or androids. He also became less sensitive to sunlight, even in true form.


In order for Ghostfreak to exhibit his full power, he needs to remove his outer skin, but this will make him vulnerable to sunlight.

Ghostfreak is unable to posses a being with no mind, like a zombie.[1]




  • Ghostfreak has to open his chest to touch the Omnitrix symbol, however he feels whether he is timing out.
  • Ghostfreak is undead.


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