Ghostfreak OV
General Information
Species Ectonurite
Home World Anur Phaetos
DNA source Zs'skayr
Body Ghost
Alternate Counterparts Spook (Ben 23)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Ghost-like powers with tentacles and ray
First Appearance -
Ben 10 Omniverse New Ghostfreak Transformation

Ben 10 Omniverse New Ghostfreak Transformation

Ghostfreak is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Ectonurite from the planet Anur Phaetos, in the Anur system.

Aliens in OV9 Enterprise


Ghostfreak's description is the same as in Canon OV.


See image below.

Albedo Ghostfreak

Albedo's Ghostfreak

Powers,Abilities and Weaknesses

He has the same powers,abilities and weaknesses as in Canon OV.

Transformation Procedure

When Ben slams the Omnitrix, he is wrapped in an intangible skin. Then the chains will form and Ben will change into Ghostfreak.


He has not yet appeared.

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