General Information
Species ½ Ectonurite
½ Necrofriggian
Body Moth-like Ghost
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Body Possession
Space Survivability
Freezing Tentacles
Sharp Claws
First Appearance Animo Planet

Ghostchill is a fusion of Ghostfreak's and Big Chill's DNA. He is only accessible through the Biomnitrix or when the Omnitrix is damaged.

Powers and Abilities

Ghostchill has Ghostfreak's standard ghostly powers and Big Chill's ice-related powers. He can still turn invisible and intangible, but due to both his species' DNA, when he phases through something he can freeze that thing, and if it's sentient, possess it's body. Ghostchill also can use a combination of Ghostfreak's tentacles and Big Chill's cryokinesis, giving him tentacles that freezing things on contact.


Ben 10: Galactic Legends

  • Ghostchill first appeared in Animo Planet, where he was used to momentarily freeze Dr. Animo's Mutant Frog and stop him from busting into a Nuclear Weapon vault.


  • He has Omniverse Big Chill's body-frame.
  • Originally, his shape was that of Ghostfreak's instead of Big Chill's.
  • This alien was created by Insanedude24 on DeviantArt.
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