Ghostaxe's ctor in a confrence at a restraunt

Ghostaxe, as you can tell, is a mix between Ghostfreak and Vilgax. His yellow button on his spiky left hand can activate his shield. If you look further up he has indestructuble aluminium plates. His left soulder is his weakest, so he has it to protect that particular body part.

On his back, there is one really powerful flame sword. In his holster there is a mistile that could destroy any planet that is 10 km away. It has a legaurds from his hips.

On his glove he has a red button. This is the Vortex- Matrix self- destruct button.

His ghost head can breathe out some ghost breath that can then take over or wipeout the person it is aimed at.

Ghostaxe is a Ghosthaxius from the planet Galvatron

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