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Splix 10
Season 2, Episode 14
Air date N/A
Written by Batking
Directed by Btaking
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Ghost Stories is the 2nd episode of Splix 10 Season 2, and the 14th episode total.


(The Episode Opens With A Pan of Cleveland Ohio)

(Splix and Keith in their human forms cleaning)

Splix/Mick: I miss Selu, (Sniffle) so much.

Keith: I loved her, and now she's gone.

(The Two Burst Out Crying)

(A man walks up and asks what the matter is)

Splix: Our friend, she (halts) died in the fight.

Keith: She was my girl.

Man: How about we go to the Library to get your mind off things?

Splix: Ok, we can do that.

(The Three Walk Over To The Library)

(Once There Kieth Notices, That The Man's Eyes Are Grey)

(Keith Jumps The Man Who Knocks Over A Book, With A Bookmark)

(Splix Hits The Technomatrix and becomes Megabite )

(The Library Crumbles As Smoke Falls In and The Librarian Enters and Faints At The Sight...Again)

Well That Is All For Now