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This is a incredibly short script for Halloween for Cassie 12: Original Series by Speedy. Takes place in 2007.


Kids go trick or treating, but is there a GSD lurking around the city alleys and watching the neighboring streets for little children? READ IT!


It is exactly two minutes before Cassie and Anna are heading out to go Trick or Treating. Cassie's watch has remained a dark Gray for the past few months since Azmuth placed it into inactive mode for the family and her own protection.

It turns a light blue.


A day before Halloween began,

A girl with a Omnitrix decided to have her own little fun,

Now beware of this Ghost Scorpion Dracula,

Or else you will be bitten,

Anna: (Is wearing a witch costume) Cassssiiieee

Cassie: (Has a ghost costume on) Draccullllaaaa! Mawhahahaha.

Anna: Whatever you do, don't--

Cassie: Scare old people and toddlers. I know the drill (Laughs)

The door opens.

Brock: Is your Uncle Stallion here?

Cassie: YES HE IS!

Cassie heads out holding her Jack-O Lanturn bag.

Anna:..She lie.

Anna Thought.I wonder when Cassie will tell him his brother is at planet Kint giving a tour to Mrs Skelly.

Because she's Ka-ccciieee Binnnnyyy!

Who has different themesongs during specials

If you watch her very closely, You will be scared out of your skin

Cassie: IT'S OCEAN ALIEN HALLOWEEN NIGHT! (Slams watch after selecting)(Body becomes ball shape)(Stinger comes out)(Two arms come out that have mouths)(has a Crab head)(turns white and black)

Ghost Scorpion: GSD~! (Laughs) Time to scare! (Goes through several apartments and freaks out the residents)(goes into the LAST house to the right) I am so gonna love this.


Kid: Robby, don't be so dang scared of the old lady. (Wears a pirate costume) Aye!

Kid 2: I can't...Not since I saw the Locus Pocus!

Sven Chanler: (Takes them three to the house)





GSD: (Opens the door)(Licks her lips) Hello little precious

Chanler: AAAHHHHH! (Screams running away)

Kids: (Gape at the Ghost Scorpion)

Ghost Scorpion: (Switches in Screwhedge Aka Stu Diver)(Is bigger)

Stu: Wanna have some...Canddy? (Has a Deepy voice)(Is a male oddly)

KID: AAAHHH! (Run away)

Stu: (A evil,creepy smile comes across his face) It never gets old.(Becomes consumed in light blue a few seconds later)



  • Despite knowing of Cassie's watch, Chanler acted as if he did not know about Ghost Scorpion.


  • Uncle Stallion didn't appear in this episode.
  • Screwhedge and Ghost Scorpion are the only aliens used in this episode.