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Ghost Scorpion
Ghost Scorpion.jpg
General Information
Species GhostScorpite
Home World Delianee
Body Scorpion/Ghostfreak
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Venom Sting
Go through walls
First Appearance Ghost Scorpion

This alien is in the Omnidewtrix.


Ghost Scorpion's species are long thought out to have been created during a experiment between Brainstorm and Ghostfreak's species inside a container with one unexpected passenger (Scorpion) by a scientist. It's unclear who started their race or created their planet.

These creatures' main language is gibberish and can be translated. The impossible was made by possible from the help of Feeteration (see SpeedGate for further information).

As shown in Hey is this even real?, Ghost Scorpion is able to become transparent and go through some walls. It's shown there is a type of wall made by the Plumbers to cease ghost-type aliens from invading their homes or headquarters for fear.


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