Ghost King's Knock Off Omnitrix is a machine in Ben 10: Haunted that was used by Ghost King to primarily be able to combat Ben easier.


The Knock Off Omnitrix is mostly black. It has gray lines along the main body. The outer casing is red. The face is blue and green, and as such when Ghost King transforms his Omnitrix has a blue hourglass, a green inner circle and a black outer circle. There are six buttons along the sides that have different uses.

G.K.`s Omnitrix


The Knock Off Omnitrix was created by Dr. Psychobos and Krang when Ghost King hired them to make it.



  • Transformation (main function).
  • Red Button: Communicator Mode
  • Purple Button: Calls Tech. Support (A.K.A Psychobos or Krang, depending on who's available)
  • Green Button: DNA Acquire Mode (allows Ghost King to get more DNA samples into his watch). This feature also allows Ghost King to view species names of transformations he's unlocked, to use this he holds down the button as opposed to tapping it. And if he selects a species in the database then taps the button, he can edit its color palette. How this is possible is unknown.
  • Blue Button: Opens a Warp Gate so Ghost King can escape somewhere safe since his teleportation is limited.
  • Yellow Button: Alternate Functions are used like making an alien "Ultimate" or Fusing Aliens. However it should be noted that once the procedure is done the New Alien is unlocked in the main database.
  • Orange Button: Map/GPS feature.


  • Ghost King's Project
  • Any episode Ghost King appears in


  • The Knock Off Omnitrix has no official name as of yet.
  • The Knock Off Omnitrix was made with mainly technology from Dimension X. However, it has more technology than that.
  • The first two DNA samples inserted into the Knock Off Omnitrix are Cerebrocrustacean and Utrom. These came from Psychobos and Krang.
  • The rest of the DNA was inserted by Krang, who sent out some mosquito-like robots to gather the DNA of various aliens.
  • As of "The H.I.V.E" Magical Transformations can be scanned and unlocked easier by using Ledgerdomain magic Krang somehow managed to gather.
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