General Information
Species Arachnichimp
Home World Aranhaschimmia
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Ghost powers
First Appearance The crystal cave

GhostApe is a alien that appear in Ben 10: Opposite and he is a ghost version of Arachnichimp

GhostApe was unlocked after the Opposmnitrix scan Monider in Monider's revenge

Powers and Abilities

  • GhostApe can phase through walls
  • GhostApe can shoot webs form it taile
  • GhostApe can stick to vertical surfaces.


  • GhostApe can get tangled by his own webs
  • GhostApe can be burn by sunlight
  • GhostApe's invisible power is useless when faces a enemy that can see invisible things


  • His old name used to be GhostMonkey but then was changed to GhostApe 
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