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Get Animated
Creator Dreamer2Dusk
Co-Writers N/A
Art Designer(s) and Others Dreamer2Dusk
Seasons TBD
Episodes TBD
Created on 12/19/2018
Rating TV-Y7
Preceeded By N/A
Succeeded by N/A

Get Animated is a series by Dreamer2Dusk,

Set in the distant future where Ben has long since passed on and Aliens have fully integrated into Earth, but the story does not take place on Earth but somewhere far out of the Universe we know on a planet that acts as a rest stop for travelers. With a pair of siblings and the new and improved Omnitrix as the caretaker on a wild space adventure like never before seen. It is supposed to have TBD seasons, and it was created on 12/19/1018.

Note: The title Get Animated name is based on the definition of 'Animated' of being lively, full of life, or excitement.


Join a pair of sisters who couldn't be more opposite than anything out there, as the oldest Helene uses her creative and clever ways of thinking to solve the problem at hand. While the younger Emilia determined and wild but lazy nature powers through the crazy villains and petty crooks alike.

Along the way, they meet strange and powerful creatures like nothing seen before. Gaining a much-needed friend Roccelt along the way, He is a user of spectral mana, who doesn't talk too much due to language barriers.

Making themselves a name and bringing back a mad being named Metroy, that's after them for a different reason every time. He was mistaken for another Human only to be an alien from a lost time.

They also meet some ell friends like Azmuth, Tetrax, Gwendolyn who is now Anodite, Prof. Paradox, Ship and many more. Enemies of en's still seek out the Omnitrix or just revenge on him in general like Vilgax, Eon, Maltruant and others. There is also Elena, Albedo (Rytte), Vrdona, for returning neutral faces.

All this to get to the Earth to be home amongst other humans like themselves or will they doom it in the end with so many people putting a target on their backs.


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Omnitrix Aliens

Nemetrix Aliens

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