Gestalten is a catch-all term for any individual that fits the following parameters:

  • Has had their body experimented on by Doctor Fenix.
  • Possesses an active Zeta Field.
  • Has mixed or otherwise altered DNA, making them either a hybrid or a mutant.

General Information

The Gestalten aren't species locked, as any individual who has had their DNA tampered with by Doctor Fenix and therefore granting them a Zeta Field can be classified as a Gestalten. Usually, their primary species is used as a sort of classification (Ryo is known as a Gestalten Human, for example).

Gestalten may possess a series of genetic, mental or physical defects because of the experiments that have transformed them. The experiments also grant an overall boost to the user's abilities, including physical characteristics such as strength and endurance.

Something shared in common between all Gestalten is their position of a Zeta Field, a metaphysical field of energy that protects and cloaks their body. The Zeta Field grants Gestalten new ways to utilize their abilities as well as grant them properties that differentiate them from their regular species.

Notable Gestalten


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