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General Information
Species Vesuviusapien
Home Planet Chione
Body Magma Dwarf
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Geokinesis
Mineral Generation
Mineral Detonation
Lava Generation
Lava Manipulation
Limited Pyrokinesis
Pyro Immunity
Cryo Immunity
Weaknesses Weak Spots (Magma Bulbs)
Submerging Vulnerability
Alternate Counterparts Geothermite (Earth-1010)
Appears in Ben 10:Omniverse 2

Geothermite is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Vesuviusapien from the planet Chione in the Hephaestus system. He is a free use alien.

Geothermite was the wiki's featured alien for March 2018!


Geothermite resembles a squat humanoid with rocky skin. There is a bulbous growth of magma on both forearms, upper arms, and one on his forehead. Cracks of magma run can be seen running across his body. He has piercing green eyes and no neck. The Omnitrix symbol appears on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Geothermite's main asset is his ability to generate and detonate rocks and minerals in his hands. He achieves this by channelling his internal magma into his hands, and cooling it in such a way that it becomes highly volatile. He also has great skill in manipulating rocks and the ground around him.

He has the ability to generate and manipulate streams of lava. He can generate these either internally and expel them, or by heating up and melting nearby minerals.

As an extension of his magma manipulation, he possesses a very limited degree of pyrokinesis. This ability extends about as far as starting fires and not much further.

He is completely immune to fire-based attacks and highly resistant to any feasible kind of cryokinetic attack short of absolute zero.


Although highly resistant to external ice-based attacks, if his internal magma was somehow frozen he would die.

Although as hot as magma, the bulbous points on his head and arms are technically his most vulnerable areas.

Geothermite is vulnerable to being submerged. Doing so can cause the external-most layers of his internal magma to freeze. Although this alone is not deadly to him, it can paralyse him and cause him to drown. The reason for this is that he cannot breathe underwater and would therefore be weak enough to allow himself to be frozen.



Main Article: Geothermite (Earth-1010)

Ben 10:Omniverse 2

Geothermite is planned to appear in season 2.


Geothermite is a free use alien, feel free to use him in your own series.


Main Article: Geothermite (Earth-1010)

Ben 10:Omniverse 2

  • TBA



  • Geothermite appeared in Death of Ben 10 before he was created as a free use alien. He was credited as 'Unnamed Alien' and 'Unknown Alien'.
  • Geothermite's name is a combination of Geothermal (in reference to his volcanic nature) and Thermite (a pyrotechnic composition in reference to his explosive powers)
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