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Georock is a Rokasapien from the planet Rokotainia. He is used in Tennyson Force.

General Information
Species Rokasapien
Home World Rokotainia
Body Humanoid Rock
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Geokinesis

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Jumping


Sonic Roars

Self Duplication


Tornado creation

First Appearance The Sweet Smell of Stink


Like Rath, he is easily enraged. Sometimes enough to attack inanimate objects. This was proven in The Sweet Smell of Stink. Ben responded that he needed to get the hang of him and that he has found the new Rath.


  • Laser vision
  • Lasers
  • Super leap (up to 120,000 feet)
  • Super Strength
  • Controls Rock element and creates rocks in any shape
  • Sonic Roar
  • Super Aggresion
  • Creates Unlimated Duplicates
  • Creates green light
  • Spins fast enough to create tornadoes


He can get so mad that he will become really stupid, at that point he tries to remember what he was doing, giving the villian a chance to strike.

It was also revealed in Tennyson Force: Multi Trixes, that TF Gwen's mana shields are hard enough to cause Georock to shatter.


Tennyson Force


Finn 10

  • Hard as a Rock

Evan Billion: F.I.N.D. Adventure

  • Team Spirit

Tennyson Force

He is first introduced to the wiki in the episode "The Sweet Smell of Stink" when Ben acciedentilly transformed into him, he is used later on as one of Ben's favorites. His history will be learned in "The Life of a Stone".

Ben 10: Multi Trixes

He appeared first in BTMT in the second part of the series finale, with a new altered appearence. His appearence was minor and could appear later on in Ben 10,000: Multi Trixes. Roads can cover the rest up.


Main article: Omni-Hard

He appears in the episode Live Long or Omni-Hard as one of the members of Omni-Hard. He is rumored to appear again with the rest of his team.

Will 10

Georock Appeared in the Episode The New Guy.

The Powers that Georock Demonstrated in Will 10 were Stone Projectiles and Limb Growth. Georock might Possibly have another appearence in Will 10 or Will 10 X, but it is extremely doubted.

Evan Billion: F.I.N.D. Adventure

He appears as a regular alien and will first appear in Team Spirit.

Georock in BTMT


  • He is a rock-based alien.
  • Ben has had nightmares about Georock.
  • He is Redo's second alien here and his favorite out of all of his. The first being Nightmare.
  • The Skeleton was the only other person around during his first appearence.


Even the rock-based aliens deserve a gallery.

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