Seasons Episodes First Airdate Last Airdate
1 7 December 6, 2014 January 10, 2015

The series focus on Nick's struggles to find balance between his personal life such as a close one to his, his introduction to the secrets of outer-space and the mysterious organisation.

Title Written by Original airdate Production code
Present Origins NickFusi0n December 6, 2014 101
Enter Nick Stone, a 15 year old and wearer of a high-tech alien device which allows him to assume the form of various alien creatures. Nick tells the story of his life and how he obtained his powers. EP01 Present Origins
Past and Present NickFusi0n December 13, 2014 102
An old friend shows up to visit Nick after a mysterious disturbance in Inferno Tides' power plant reaches out to space. EP02 Past and Present
Enter: The Plumbers NickFusi0n December 20, 2014 103
Nick and Vulk are introduced to the plumber organisation and are sent to investigate strange alien activity in the forest. GCEP03 Enter the Plumbers
The Chase NickFusi0n December 27, 2014 104
Nick, Vulk and the Runaway Splixson face-off against a mysterious figure who seems to be in charge of the Mechanical Lizard attacks. GCEP04 The Chase
What It Takes NickFusi0n January 3, 2015 105
Nick struggles to find balance between his personal life and between his hero duty against an oncoming threat. GCEP05 What It Takes
The Breakout: Part 1 NickFusi0n January 10, 2015 106
Nick has gone missing, leaving Vulk and a close one of his to set out and rescue him before it's too late. GCEP06 The Breakout Part 1
The Breakout: Part 2 NickFusi0n January 10, 2015 107
After uncovering the true purpose of The Organisation, Nick makes one last stand against them before a crisis unveils. GCEP07 The Breakout Part 2
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