Nick Stone

A 15-year old teenager and the main protagonist in the series. A somewhat serious but also somewhat hyper and arrogant, Nick often gets himself into trouble but is never afraid to try to get out of it. He is the wearer of the Ne-O and can flawlessly control his transformations. He tries to find time for his normal life in-between fighting off alien threats. His best friend is Cal and his love interest is Aubrey Senali.

Vulk Izor

A magister-ranked Plumber from Anur Transyl and a Loboan. He is Nick's partner and helps him fight off aliens. He and Nick trust each other with their lives. He was the one who originally gave the Ne-O to Nick while he was being chased by a Chronosapien who wanted the Ne-O for himself. He can morph into a smaller canine-like form which he uses to "blend in with the locals" on Earth.


Aubrey Senali

A calm and smart girl. She is Nick's love interest and frequently appears by his side during his normal life.

Skorost Xellion

The lead plumber on all of Earth and an eldery kineceleran. He takes care of alien activity on Earth and also supports Nick and Vulk.

Cal Binger

Nick's best friend and a total sport enthusiast. He has a cocky personality but he and Nick help each other any way they can.

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