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General Information
Species Phazonian
Home World Chozo
Body Biological Armor
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Nanite Manipulation
Weapon Generator
Athletic Abilities
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Shield Negation
Cryo Immunity
Missile Generation
Beam Projection
Spherical Form
Voice Actor Alésia Glidewell
First Appearance Let's Ride!

Generator is the Dracotrix's DNA sample of a Phazonian from the planet Chozo in Draconomenal.


Generator resembles a humanoid armor, with her arms, shoulders, hands, legs, feet and upper body indigo, with 3 spikes, the right one big, middle medium and left small, in each arm. She has a lime abdomen, lower body, each side of the thighs, arms, under the forearms, elbows, 4 holes on each side of the neck that goes from the top of the neck and ends on the middle, knees and shins. Her head and neck resembles a diver helmet, with being red, a cyan visor, a gray triton respirator and the symbol of the Dracotrix is on the middle of the neck.

Transformation Sequence

During the transformation, Jay's body starts to become organic metal, first with his arms, appearing the spikes, that goes to the body except the head. After the metal transformed his body, it goes for the head, forming the helmet, alongside the visor, neck and respirator.

Powers and Abilities

Generator's main ability is to manipulate nanomachines that she has on her body to create anything, especially weapons, like transforming her arms into blades, shields etc. The main weapon she uses is a grey cannon that's usually on her right arm. She can also generate jetpacks for her to fly and two different weapons on each arm.

She can use the nanomachines to regenerate parts of her body.

Since her body is an organic metal, she has good durability and strength, capable of enduring several attacks and lift heavy objects, but not like Dracozzard.

She can destroy energy shields by just touching them or breaking them with her generated weapons.

Her organic armor can generate heat, making her capable of surviving cold weather.

She can shot energy missiles from cannons that are hidden in each arm, alongside shooting energy beams from her hands or cannons.

She can transform into a sphere to pass into small places or to hide.

Using energy from her body, she can temporarily create clones that are identical to her.


She can't generate multiple weapons at the same time and needs to concentrate to generate those weapons. Enemies can use those weapons against her, like breaking one of her blades or using the jetpacks.

She is strong, but not capable of lifting heavy objects like Dracozzard.

She can't break shields that are harder or strong energy shields.

Even with her body capable of generating heat, she can be frozen by a powerful ice blast and it can take too long for her to melt the ice.

Lightning can affect her, paralyzing her body and weapons.

If she uses too much power into her energy blasts, she becomes weak and needs to recharge.

When she's on the her spherical form, she can't attack and is an easy target.

Like said before, her clones are temporary and she uses too much energy to create those clones. She can't make too many clones, in total 5. Also, those clones can be easily destroyed by powerful or multiple attacks.


  • Generator first appeared in Let's Ride!, in which she was used to test her abilites and fought against Lightning.
  • In What it Means to be a Hero?, Generator was used accidentally and fought the Computron alongside Captain Nemesis.
  • In Too Hot to Handle, Generator fought against Seebik and destroyed the machine.



Her names comes from the word generate, creating something.


  • Like Ninjatsu, her appearance, planet, powers and species are based on Metroid, with her appearance based on Samus' Fusion Suit, species based on the Phazon, planet named after the Chozo species and her generate ability comes from Iron Man's armor from Infinity War/Endgame and Rex Salazar from Generator Rex.
  • She's the first female alien in the Dracotrix, and the first to be actually female.
  • Jay's transformation into Generator and her generating weapons is similar to how the Marks L and LXXXV are used.
  • Jay feels uncomfortable when he's in the sphere form.