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General's Orders Part 2
Season 1, Episode 13
Generals Orders Part 2
Richard's Mutations
Air date Unknown
Written by Richard
Directed by Richard
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General's Orders Part 1
As Free As A Bird

General's Orders Part 2 is the thirteenth episode of Richard 10: The Alpha-Omegatrix, and is the second part of the season finale, and is the last episode of season one.


With the Alpha-Omegatrix malfunctioning, the team and Mischeif must find Drahcir to fix it before it gets worse.

Major Events[]

  • The team has a temporary truce with General Mischeif.
  • Magistreen returns.



  • Richard
  • Destiny
  • Matt
  • MK
  • Magistreen
  • General MIs


  • General Mischeif

Aliens Used[]


  • It is confirmed that after the episode, Magistreen pays Matt the money he owes him.
  • It is hinted that Grey Matter will make an appearance in the future.
  • This marks the first time Richard has used Galvan DNA in the series.
    • It is also confirmed this is the first time Richard ever used Galvan DNA.