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General Information

Mutant Planchaküle/Slimebiote Hybrid

Home Planet:

Aul-Turrhen (Planchaküle DNA)



Alternate Counterparts Jury Rigg
Other Info

Technology Building
Technology Breaking
Enhanced Intelligence
DNA Weapons
DNA Constructs
DNA Feeding


Restricted Weapons

Geneius is the Antitrix's DNA sample of a mutant Planchaküle/Slimebiote hybrid, and is Kevin's equivalent of Jury Rigg. He is a free use alien made by Alan.



  • Geneius, like Jury Rigg, can build and break technology. He also has enhanced intelligence.
  • Due to his Slimebiote DNA, Geneius can access other DNA samples within the Antitrix to create weapons and constructs, such as giving himself Quad Smack's arms or Skunkmoth's wings.
  • Geneius feeds on DNA.
  • Geneius has elasticity and shapeshifting even without using the Antitrix's DNA samples.
    • This can be paired with his DNA constructs power to utilize other devices, such as the Omnitrix, and enhance their users. He can also do this to enhance himself. For example, if Ben is knocked out, then he can still utilize the Omnitrix's DNA samples for his own purposes in the fight.


  • Geneius is restricted to making only one type of weapon at a time.


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  • Geneius' name is a play on "gene" and "genius." To some extent, it is also a play on "genus."


  • As far as I'm concerned, Slimebiotes are a perfectly fine candidate for the Omnitrix, and thusly its variants, hence it being here. If lego blocks and diamonds and living sound of all things have DNA somehow (or a DNA equivalent), then a DNA-eating snot rocket does, too.
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