Gender Fluid
General Information
Species Lgbitqa Positive
Home World Lbqgtia
Body Fabulous Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Rainbow Connection
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Calming Water

Night Vision

Voice Actor Lily Orchard

Gender Fluid is Derwin's Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Lgbitqa Positive from Lbqgtia in the Derwin 13 Shorts.


They look like Rainbow Connection, but their left eye is yellow, their right eye is purple, their pupils are white, and her chestplate is black, white, purple, pink, and, blue. They have long black hair.

Powers and Abilities

He has water that calms people down.

He can see in all light conditions.


Their power does not work on robots or sufficiently withholding beings.






Gender Fluid makes fluid and is meant to be for Pride Month, and is made for a genderfluid weilder.


  • This page was made for Pride Month.
  • His new art was made by CaT.


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