Gel Belly
Gel tummy
General Information
Species Acid Barbatus
Home World Peptos XI
Body Pig
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Acid Filled Stomach
Enhanced Agility
4 Long Tongues in Stomach
Enhanced Eating
Acid Vomit
First Appearance TBA

Gel Belly's long tongues

Gel Belly has the same personality as Ned .


He is a small green pig-looking humanoid. he has black circles around his eyes similar to Perk Upchuck. he has a gel on his stomach with 4 tongues inside. he has a white jumpsuit with a black stripe down it. he has 2 stumps  with black on them for feet. the omnitrix is on his right hand.

Powers and Abilities

Gel Belly has an acid filled stomach, four long tongues inside his stomach, enhanced agility, and enhanced eating.


Gel Belly is very small.

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