Is the son of Nega-Vilgax and brother of Galaxus and revealed

in Return of Nega-Vilgax:Part One,he becomes friends with John Tennyson's

gang when they all got locked up in the Null Void and after Galaxus but chooses

to be with his brother,and so after the Return of Nega-Vilgax:Part 2 he saves John

from the Watch Tower explosion and John Tennyson ask to join forces to them to


fight evil but he refuses he arrest his brother and imprisoned him.

Physical Appearance

Gaxus wears red armor,black pants,brown shoes,brown belt and red gloves.He look like Vilgax from the Original series but less muscle with 7 tentacles in his face andhave an eyepatch on his left eye.


Galaxus-Gaxus respect highly in his big brother but Galaxus sometimes bully him but still loves his brother,after knowing that they are not closely related he and Gaxus accepts it but stills gonna do his evil ways

John Tennyson-They become friends they got locked up in the Null Void but later he chooses to be with his brother.Gaxus nearly kill's him.

Alvin Levin-doesn't trust Gaxus but after helping fighting some creatures Alvin trust him and they become friends.

Kylie Anderson-She treated Gaxus as his big brother while Gaxis treats her like a little sister.

Vilgax-he was so happy to see him knowing him as his own father,he always follow commands to his father but later did not after knowing his true father he disobey his orders and apologize to John after nearly killing him

Nega-Vilgax-Gaxus' real father.After knowing his real father he stops him from his evil plan that John can't stop it even the Plumbers and Ben.He fights and kills Vilgax along side with him and says his farewell to his son.

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