Season 1

Summary Debuts Major Events

Gavin found the omnitrix

Gavin 1.Gavin finds the Omnitrix
THE Animal Guy
Gavin meets Squid Face

THE Development

Season 2

THE game is on

THE evil strikes back

Squid Face dies

THE return of the development

Season 3

The vampire zombie

The death of the development

Time to Dimension travel

Gavin again

Season 4

The showdown part 1

The showdown part 2

The apes of war part 1 and 2

The story ends


It started when gavin was at school

he saw this thing he thought was a shoe

Gavin 9 Gavin 9

he put the thing right on and then he fell in a pond

and everybody won't know what to do

Gavin 9 Gavin 9

and that he has the Omnitrix

all the bad guys will flip

now with Jordan there's nothing you can do

Gavin 9 Gavin 9.

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