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This is non-canon and does not have to do with the series Cassie 12: Omniverse's timestream.

Known more as Josh T. Gastro and Snickers for his notable snicker, this boy wields the Onineckitrix around his neck.


Josh wears a light gray short sleeved jacket on top of a black shirt that is over a long sleeved blue shirt with a light gray strip going around the edges and his noticeable pants are a dark brown as cargo pants like Ben Tennyson's.

He has a thunderbolt birthmark on his neck with yellow eyes and unusually blue hair.


Cassie 12: Original Series


He's been revealed not to be related any other family, but given the name of Josh T. Gastro from Anna seemingly tells he is just the starting point of a new family line that could possibly continue for a few years on the road.

He was somewhat first seen in Giant problem in a tube, but not complete. However, he reappeared as a fully functional cyborg capable of transforming into NINE different aliens using an Omnbrinx (an Omntrix based on a necklace) a.k.a the Onineckitrix.

In Fire Mayhem, Gastro has been revealed to have been adopted and would visit his pals in Chinawood during the vacational or holiday weekends. He promised off-screen to go on summer vacation with Cassie 12 and Anna O. Capulla with grandma Rannida in 2008.

In Clue (Cassie 12: OS Episode), Gastro has been shown to have more qualities of a cyborg than a human by half of his skin peeled off on his face and his left arm is completely made up of metal. He was hooked to the truck off-screen taking a snooze.

Alternate Timeline[]

In Cassie 12,000, as an adult, his watch is part of his neck which is covered up by a long cape on top of a yellow and black long-sleeved shirt textured by some good unknown designs while he has a belt resembling the thunderbolt on his trix. He wears gray pants.

It's been implied he makes up unusual names and is a machine. He is currently with Cassie 12,000.