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Gaseous Hoodlum
General Information
Species Gassousapien
Home World Gassao Prime
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Gas Manipulation
Gas Projection
Gas Immunity
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Intelligence
First Appearance TBA

Gaseous Hoodlum is Nega Neon's equivalent of Gutrot. He's the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Gassousapien from the planet Gassao Prime.


Unlike his prime counterpart, he's slender and wears a nearly black colored trench coat that is open to reveal his chest is covered by something similar to a bulletproof vest and similar to others of his species his stomach is shown with a lot of lavender colored gases. His face is covered by a hood but his eyes are shown. Under the zone where his nose should be is a gas mask and in the middle of the respective mask, a mouth full of sharp teeth is shown.

He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his right shoulder.

Powers and Abilities

His stomach is full of all kinds of chemical gases, so can combine them and expel them out producing all kinds of effects.

Since his stomach is full of all type gases, he is immune to enemy poisonous gas.

Thanks to a pheromone gas, he is intelligent and knows all gases and their effects.

Unlike his prime counterpart he can expel the gases also from his mouth.


Some winds could spread his gases and affect innocent.

Some of his gases are flammable, so he has to be careful depending on the situation.

The only who are immune to his gases are those where uses masks or insulation.


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