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Day 3 Gasbag.png
General Information
Species Mutant Unknown
Home World Unknown
Body Humanoid
Alternate Counterparts Gutrot
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Chemokinesis
Gas Generation
Gas Absorption
Gas Immunity
Gas Neutralization
Chemical Reaction Creation
Chemical Repository
Nemuina Sleep Dust Immunity
Enhanced Intelligence
Enhanced Jumping
Vast Chemistry Knowledge
Voice Actor Steve Blum

Gasbag is the Antitrix's DNA sample of a mutant unanmed species from an unnamed planet in Ben 10: Missing Pieces.


Gasbag looks like Gutrot in Omniverse, but with yellow skin and a red and black outfit, replacing the green and white respectively. His nozzles are red and his skin folds around them, and his arms are exposed. The gases behind the glass panel on his body are multicolored instead of green. His gas mask resembles a chemist's mask and his eyes are red. The Antitrix symbol is on his chest.

Transformation Sequence

Powers and Abilities

Gasbag's innards contain various gaseous elements, making him a "walking chemical laboratory".

Upon completion of the transformation, Gasbag's body releases large amounts of poisonous gas, which can harm anyone in his immediate vicinity, provided they have a sense of smell and/or are immune to the gas.

Gasbag has the ability to make compounds of almost any type and expel them as gas from the various nozzles on his body for both offense and defense. The strength of these gases depends on the amount expelled and their chemical makeup.

Some of the gases Gasbag can produce include:

  • Sulphur Dioxide, a highly combustible and toxic gas that can be used as a form of tear gas.
  • Nitrous Oxide, more commonly known as "laughing gas", which can be used to incapacitate an opponent by making them laugh uncontrollably.
  • Fluoromethyl-hexafluoroisopropyl-ether, also known as "Sevoflurane". While it is normally used as an anesthetic, it is also useful as a knockout gas with short-term memory loss as a side-effect.
  • Hydrogen Chloride, an acidic and corrosive gas that can burn or melt through solid materials.
  • Sleeping Gas.
  • Protoplasm Freezing Spray, a gaseous form of a special orange liquid, it is capable of neutralizing an Ectonurite's intangibility and invisibility.
  • Radioactive Gas.

Gasbag has very advanced knowledge of chemistry, as well as some degree of knowledge on a species' biology. This allows him to create a gas that can specifically target the species in question. For example, he can create a pheromone designed to attract To'kustars, causing them to follow Gasbag wherever he wishes to direct them.

Gasbag can jump exceptionally high.

Gasbag can absorb gas by pulling it through his nozzles.

Gasbag is immune to poisonous and acidic gases, as he can inhale them and break them down into something harmless. He is also immune to a Nemuina's sleep dust.


Some of Gasbag's gases are flammable, so he must be careful in situations that might ignite them.

Creatures who are shielded from gases, such as those with a gas mask or insulation, are immune to Gasbag's gases.

Gasbag has poor reflexes and cannot react quickly.

Gasbag constantly produces a loud electronic wheezing sound, making him unsuitable for stealth unless he is able to conjure sleeping gas in time.

Like any other organic being, Gasbag is vulnerable to being erased from existence by a Chronosapien Time Bomb.


Missing Pieces


Missing Pieces


  • Credit to Echoson for the infobox image, and Ultra3000 for Gasbag's appearance.
  • Unlike Gutrot, Gasbag does not have a distinct personality.