Gas Planet is the DNA sample of an Astrocollosan from Astrocollosus in Simien 10: Polyverse and Ben 10: Ruins Of Earth. This page is a redone version of the original page here.

Gas Planet
General Information
Species Astrocollosan
Home World Astrocollosus
Body Planet-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Massive Size

Enhanced Strength

Enhanced Durability

Gravitational Powers

Firing energy disks

First Appearance Unknown


Gas Planet's body is a titanic planet-like ball of gas. He has a huge ring surrounding him vertically, making him appear like Saturn turned sideways. His head is a small ball of gas, with two yellow eyes and a pincer like mouth. 

His head floats slightly in front of his body, connected to his outer ring. He has two arms made out of the same gas, with rings around his shoulders. His Omnitrix is on his right shoulder.

While moving, Gas Planet's outer ring rotates while the rest of his body stays still. Gas Planet's head can detach from his outer ring and float freely around him.

Powers and Abilities

Gas Planet is incredibly massive, around the size of Way Big. His size gives him massively increased strength.

Gas Planet size gives him a degree of gravitational pull; he can also control his gravitational strength to pull in objects or people closer to him, or make them spin around him or his arms. His gravity can also be normalized to allow him to transport objects or people.

Gas Planet is made of out gas, and although he is usually solid due to his gravity, he can become slightly more gas-like, allowing most things to pass through him with ease.

Gas Planet can fire off energy disks similar to the ones surrounding him, which can cut through most solid objects. He can also create large energy disks he cand hold to use as meelee weapons.


Despite his massive size, Gas Planet is comparatively light, allowing most species with enhanced strength to throw him.

Gas Planet's core is vulnerable compared to the rest of his gassy body, and can be destroyed to destroy him.

His size can also be a weakness, attracting unwanted attention and leaving him unable to enter small spaces.


  • None yet.


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