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General Information
Species Downgord
Home World Miryks Koldharbore
Body Hunchback Gargoyle
Alternate Counterparts Lleyograg (Gim)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sound Manipulation
Healing (via sound)
Frequency Manipulation
Sound Mimicry
Alien Number 9
First Appearance The End of Something New, Part 2 (Mig X)
Over the Revolution (Project Deca)

Gargoyell is the Gammatrix's DNA sample of a Downgord from the planet Miryks Koldharbore, part of the Mirks System.

He is introduced in the series Mig X, and later appears in the series Project Deca.


Gargoyell has the general appearance of a gargoyle, however lacking wings, and has a large hunchback. He has ram horns on his forehead and metallic plating around his whole face, save for his one beady, orange eye. On his forehead is an orange, glowing hole, with sound waves spiraling out. His shoulders are bulky while the rest of his arms are slimmer with robotic parts built in, primarily on his forearm and around his wrist. His hands are completely metallic with holes on his palms, as well as wires embedded in his skin, which act as protruding veins. On his chest is the design of a sonic frequency graph. On his lower abdomen is another "hole" similar to the one atop his forehead, with wires extending from inside of it and entering into his body. He has black shorts on with robotic parts covering everything below his knees.

The Gammatrix is located on the left side of his chest.

Powers & Abilities

Gargoyell's powers include the following:

  • Sound Manipulation
  • Healing
    • To be expanded upon.
  • Frequency Manipulation
    • He can adjust the frequency of his sounds from a faint whisper to an earth-shattering screech. 
  • Sound Mimicry 




Mig X

By Gim

By Dan

Project Deca


  • The species, Downgord, is a play on the DLC name Skyrim: Dawnguard that introduced Vampire Lords who could summon gargoyles.
  • The planet, Miryks Koldharbore, is a reference to Coldharbour, Molag Bal's Oblivion Plane.


  • He is the only alien not to have been debuted by Mig. Instead, he is used by Gim and Dan.
    • He is finally used by Mig in Project Deca.
  • CaT created the image seen above.
  • Gargoyell's species shares the same planet as Frostbyt's species, Miryks Koldharbore.


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