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Garbage Swampfire
Garbage Swampfire
General Information
Species Evolved Methanosian
Home World Methanos
Body Humanoid Garbage Pile/Plant
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Stinkier Versions of all of Swampfire's Powers
Shooting Garbage
Reeks so much all the bad guys FAINT!!!!
First Appearance Man, Does It Stink in Here!

Garbage Swampfire is an evolved Methanosian from the planet Methanos in Ben 10: Garbage Force.


Garbage Swampfire is a terrible-looking version of Swampfire. All of his pods are red, and he has no rocks trapped onto him for feet. He has black sticks for fingers. He wears the Stinkytrix symbol on his chest.


Garbage Swampfire has all of Swampfire's original powers, except he smells worse than before when he uses them. He can also shoot garbage out of his hands and


Garbage Swampfire's main weakness is his smell. He also needs sunlight to survive, or else he will shrivel up.


  • Man, Does It Stink in Here! (First Appearance)