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General Information
Species Intellisapien
Home World Intellectivia
Body Small, green, humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities see powers section
Equipment the user's Omnimatrix
First Appearance Alight

Ganglione (pronounced gang-lee-own) is a alien who has a few uses. He is kind of powerful, but not used too much due to it's weaknesses. It was originally made for some dumb series by Rob called Ben 10: Aliens Unleashed. He has so far appeared in Rob's series, Mack 10.


Ganglione has big, floppy ears. It has no toes. It's head is very big, and the body is small.


  • Shooting green ray beams out of eyes
  • Very smart
  • If thought hard enough, thoughts come true-however, thoughts that can come true are limited for this alien
  • Can swing his ears around to make a wind-tornado, helicoptor wings that can make it fly, or make strong wind currents
  • Powerful headbutts
  • Shooting energy balls with his hands
  • Arms and legs are flexible


  • Head bigger than body
  • Can't make every thought come true, no matter how hard they think about it
  • Not strong muscle-wise
  • Ears are floppy when not being used, which means they can easily get caught in something or easily get tangled up
  • Can be too serious
  • Becausing he is so small, energy balls can cause a lot of knockback
  • His ears can be tied up
  • If he gets a concussion from headbutting too hard he will detransform and his transformation will not be usable for about a week



  • His name comes from the scientific word for brain freeze, sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia.
  • He prototype was originally called Big Head.
    • His name was then changed to Giganglione.
      • After Giganglione was deemed to long, it was changed to .
  • He was made by Rob.
  • His old official picture was made by Rob's old friend Joe.
  • got a redesign in 2015 for his new series.
    • In Mack 10, he is one of the starting 10 aliens.