The Ganamatrix is an Omnitrix created and used by Ven 10. It has access to all of Ben 10's aliens and some customs, such as

Custom Aliens


The Ganamatrix looks like the Ultimatrix, but purple and yellow instead of regular and light green.


"Mobile Form"

As revealed in Ven 10 and the Rise of Kalswek Part 1, the Ganamatrix can take the appearance of a pair of earrings, one yellow and one purple.

The Ganamatrix in it's "mobile form"...


Despite what was said earlier, the Ganamatrix does not have access to the canon Ultimate Forms.


  • Yellow: On.
  • Green: Scanning DNA of existing alien.
  • Blue: Scanning and/or Processing Drawing DNA. Assigning it a planet, species name and creating clones of it to inhabit the assigned planet.
  • Red: Timed Out or About to Time Out.
  • Purple: Shut Down Mode.
  • Pink. Fusionising Mode. Fusing two canon aliens into one and assigning it a planet, species name and creating genetic copies to inhabit that planet.
  • Orange: Ultimate Mode. The Ganamatrix has Ultimate Alien Acsess.
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