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The Gammatrix 1.0 won Best Fanon Omnitrix at 2015's Omniverse Awards!

Featured Object of March 2015! Thank you all!
The Gammatrix
The Gammatrix as it appears in the show.


DNA Alterer
DNA Stabilitzer

Tech Level



Miguel Rivers
Srevir Leugim

Additional Info

It connects to Mig's alien DNA and stables it and also activates as a result.

The Gammatrix 1.0 is a device worn by Mig and Gim in Mig X.

It allows him to genetically alter his appearance and become one of many different alien lifeforms that have been stored within.

It also acts as a beacon to stabilize his alien DNA and keep him from dying.


  • It allows the user to transform into different alien forms.
  • It stablitizes DNA (in Mig's case).
  • It adapts to the users' clothing and colors, and randomizes the clothing set for each alien.
  • Lifeform Lock allows Mig to remain an alien for an extended period of time.
  • There is a randomized timer in the Gammatrix, that usually takes 10 minutes.

Known Aliens


  • The name Gammatrix came from the stellar system Eta Carinae, which emits gamma waves and the like. This was basically the first in depth space-related thing I've ever seen and got interested in it, and I guess the word "gamma" stuck with me.
  • The Gammatrix was not created by Azmuth.
  • It wasn't precisely meant for Mig, but due to the circumstances, Dan attached it to him.
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