Gamahand is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet. 

General Information
Species Unknown; Extinct
Home World Unknown; Destroyed
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Omnipotence
First Appearance The Re-Rise of Diagon Pt.2


His appearance looks somewhat like NRG-Out-of-Suit's form. He has two long buff shoulders and arms, 5 fingers, and a medium mouth but teeth and black inside that resembles NRG's. He has two diamond-shaped eyes with orange pupils and a normal nose. He has tiny spikes around the top of his head that looks somewhat like a crown. His chest is plain and muscular as well with black stripes going across it, along with all of his body. His body skin color is a red shade with lighter red outlines, like NRG's and Alien X's. His legs are slim and skinnier and his knees are somewhat pointed. He has feet in the shape of Fasttrack's and Alien X's as well with 5 lines coming up, slightly separating space for the toes to be noticable. He also has tiny, skinny spike-like objects on his knees and elbows as well. He wears the gamatrix symbol in the middle of his chest. 

In TLOM, Gammahand has the same appearance as M10 but has much larger horns on his head, pads on his elbows, knee pads, ankle bands, wrist bands, and a black and orange shirt-like piece of clothing cover his chest. He wears the Gammatrix symbol on his stomach region.

Powers & Abilities 

Gamahand's insane strengthly powers make him consider to be omnipotent, like Alien X. He has fire any types of energy rings (sorta like Astrodactyl's at any of his foes and is very hard to knock down. With super speed in flight and on ground, it is very hard to catch this guy. He is faster than XLR8 at will. He can create portals with the snap of a finger, as seen in his debut episode, and is a bit more than Alien X, due to Gamahand being in control. 

Mig 10

In The Re-Rise of Diagon Pt.2, Gamahand was unlocked by Azmuth as a gift for Mig being good with the gamatrix and was used to take down Diagon and the FKC members. 


In X, Gammahand first appears and is used to destroy The Terror's machine, fix what the machine had caused, and alter his appearance to a weak and short and skinny alien.


Mig 10

The Legend of Mig

  • 108 - X (first appearance)


  • He is confirmed to be more powerful than Alien X and/or Alien M by a tad bit.
  • It is confirmed that his species and planet had died off in an accidental collision with the planet's sun, sometime after Azmuth had gained DNA. 
  • It is unknown if he will appear in Gamaverse.
  • He and Manadite are both gifts from Azmuth. 
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