Gamma Energy is a form of energy that is primarily found throughout the Mig 10 Franchise, specifically in Mig X.

General Overview

The Gamma Energy is a form of energy that manifested in the Mig X continuum, the one Gamma hails from and is the embodiment of. Not much is known about how it came to be, but it is essentially a take on the fifth element Aether, though in a more manipulative form. The Gamma Energy itself acts as if it has a mind of its own, and makes up the structure of the Aqasian race, as they are essentially 'birthed' from it.

The host of this Energy, typically the Aqasians themselves, would then be able to harness it from within themselves and, if powerful enough, manipulate it all around them (i.e., Gamma and Miguel Rivers).

Anyone who houses the Gamma Energy in its purest form for a long time, or contains a high concentration of it, eventually begins to decay. This is prevalent in Miguel Rivers's death, followed by Terox's destabilization, at the time.



The Pure form of this Energy came directly and only from Gamma, the first Aqasian to exist. This form of Energy took on no life and had no sentience, and was only manipulated via Gamma himself. Over time, it changed and grew corrupt.


The Impure form of the Gamma Energy is what created the rest of the Aqasian race. The Impure form of the Energy allowed for DNA manipulation, due to the very nature by which it became impure and created the Aqasian life itself. 


The Gamma Energy not only manipulates life itself, but it has a few other notable properties. Its manifestation takes on the form of limbs, typically hands, and in a misty form. 

Gamma Energy does not bind with anything over than the Aqasian race, since they are the only known race to be connected to its origins. However, if one were to physically come into contact with it, they could be influenced by its effects without knowing it. Essentially, it's paraistic. Gamma, the being in control of it, can influence it at will. This allowed for Miguel Rivers to use it, though it required a series of stabilization efforts (i.e., the Gammatrix).

Notable Users


  • Its behavior is similar to that of RC cells from Tokyo Ghoul and the symbiotes from Marvel Comics.
  • Gamma Energy took on a few different names through Mig X.
    • It was referred to as "alien DNA" because it originated from space and had little to no known facts about it.