Let me tell you, opposing parties in one body like this are really difficult to keep stable.

–Gamma speaking with Tech, Rise of Gamma: Part 2




General Information
Species Synthetic Fusion
Home World N/A
Part In Team Is the team.
Age >1 Year (T10R: Season 2)
Status Dispersed
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Immense Strength
Photonic Matter Control
First Appearance Rise of Gamma: Part 2

Gamma is a fusion of Alpha and Magisters Blue, Red, and Yellow from Tech 10: Rebooted. She is also expected to appear in Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Pre-Series (Rebooted)

Gamma was apparently never formed pre-series, likely due to Alpha's current state not existing yet.

During Series (Rebooted)

Gamma was first formed in Rise of Gamma: Part 2, where she saved Tech from being killed by an evolved Prelude, then bought enough time for Tech to get Moranna and Napoleon and open a portal back to Earth. Once they had escaped, she defused almost instantly, noting how unstable her existence was.


Gamma is a fifty-foot, robotic, white and gray humanoid. The Data Crystals of Alpha and the Magisters, being under her outer layer of armor, are not visible, giving them better protection during combat. She has a far more connected structure than the Magisters or Omega, with only the head being detached from the body. Said head is suspended in a blue energy that covers her entire body.


Being a fusion of the three Magisters and Alpha, Gamma's abilities include:

  • Immense Strength
  • Flight
  • Heightened Durability
  • Photonic Matter Control
  • Enhanced Speed


Gamma is a very blunt person, using short or snappy terms in general conversation. Thanks to the opposing ideologies of those comprising her, she has to stay focused from objective to objective. Without any particular goal to work towards, she will quite literally fall apart.


  • Gamma's appearance was partially inspired by the mecha anime Gundam, specifically the iconic RX-78-2 Gundam.
  • Gamma is the only product of the Synthetic Magister project that wasn't designed or accounted for by the original Plumber Magistrate.
  • Though technically and aesthetically genderless, Gamma is referred to as female, much in the same way as a ship or an aircraft.

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