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The Phoenitrix, sometimes referred as the Phoenix, is an Omnitrix in Angel 10: Requiem that is used by Angel to transform into different aliens.


The Phoenitirx is a long grey bracelet with the Phoenitrix symbol on top with orbs on either side.




  • Active Mode: The Phoenitirx is fully charged and ready for usage. (Upwards of two hours)
  • Recharge Mode: The power reserves are depleted and the Phoenitrix is charging. (Full Recharge Time = Three Hours)
  • Scan Mode: The Phoenitrix is unlocking new DNA from a nearby source.
  • Recalibration Mode: The Phoenitrix is either resetting the playlists or changing shape. (Sometimes both)
  • Radiation Detection Mode: The Phoenitrix is sensing radiation nearby.
  • Map Display Mode: The Phoenitrix is displaying a map of the area. (Must be previously scanned)
  • Self-Destruct Mode: The Phoenitrix is charging an explosion to self-destruct. (Can be deactivated)
  • Sleep/Grounded Mode: The Phoenitrix has been temporarily shut down. (Can be deactivated)
  • Shut Down Mode: The Phoenitrix has been completely shut off, permanently.


  • Angel 10: Requiem


  • The Phoenitrix is named so since when Angel transforms into an alien, she is "reborn".