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The Galvanic Humanoids are Ahmad's species in Ahmad 15.


A full Galvanic Humanoid is yet to be seen.


Galvanic Humanoids stem from Soukai, the first Galavanic Humanoid that was originally a human. Soukai was vulanteered to be a a Test Subject for the Galvans in an attempt to recreate the event that created the Galvanic Mechamorphes. The result gave Soukai quite useless powers, so he was safely returned to Earth, where he spawned more Galvanic Humanoids.


Ahmad, a notable Galvanic Humanoid, has shown to be tricky and knowledgeable of quite a lot of languages. His other abilities include, the ability to scan life forms and specify the species, as shown in The Phantom Boy Theory, the ability to calculate consequences in a Computerized way, as shown in And It Has Been To Be 15, and finally the ability to hack into the most advanced technologies, he even remarked that Jury Rigg technologies are crapish. 

Galvanic Humanoids have an enhanced healing factor.

A regular Galvanic Humanoid is also confirmed to be able to read minds, and have highly sensitve... errgh... senses, like smell and sight; He is able to detect life forms by sight, hearing or smell a good ammount of feet away away.


Galvanic Humanoids all have what Humans might consider ADHD.

Galvanic Humanoids have intestinal problems. They get fat easily, and fart unexpectedly often. The Galvanic Humanoids' powers are all down the drain and they are considered a useless species. Additiona

Known Galvanic Humanoids[]

  • Ahmad (hybrid)
  • Ahmad's Family


  • This page used to belong to the Old Ahmad 15, though it then got rebooted.
  • In the early stages of Ahmad 15, Galvanic Humanoids were supposed to be Cooper's Species, and thus, a Galvanic Humanoid would have his powers. But, Cooper was confirmed to be a mutant. And, I would not like to make a Galvanic Humanoid overpowered.