This is the Solar System where some species live. 

Planets/Moons and Sun in Ben 10: Ultimate Omniverse

Galvan A

Galvan A is the Sun of the Galvan System


Galvan Prime Mark I

This is the original Home Planet of the Galvans, some Galvanic Mechmorphs, and formerly the Omnivoracious race. It was originally destroyed when Ben was 15.  Before it was destroyed all Galvans and Galvanic Mechamorphs went on ships and flew off.


Galvan Prime Mark II

This is the rebuilt Galvan Prime it is the new home planet for the Galvans and some Galvanic Mechamorphs.


Galvan B

This is the home planet of most Galvanic Mechamorphs. Malware destroyed it but it was put back together by the Galvanic Mechamorphs. It holds the Helix.

Galvan C

This is the home planet of the Robo-Galvans. It was destroyed by the Goumands but rebuilt by the Galvans and Robo-Galvans.   



It was still existing after the Universe been recreated. Now it is used for storing DNA. It is holds the DNA river called the Codon Stream. It is the home panet of the species of Voliticus Biopsis. 


Galvan D

It is currently the home planet of the race of Galvanic B-Tric, the Predator of the Galvanic Mechamorph.


Galvan E

It is a planet created for the Sentient Ultimates from the Ultimatrix by Azmuth. It has two new sentients too, Sentient Ultimate Way Big and Sentient Ultimate Wildmutt.


Galvan F

This is the Home Planet of the Portalos. It holds the Portal to the Forge of Creation.


Galvan G

It is the planet in the Galvan System which holds the rare species of Evil Galvans.


Galvan H

This is the home planet to the speedy Electricians.   


Galvan I

Galvan I is one of the home planets to the Multipowerans, who are have tons of Powers.


Galvan J

It holds the Ascalon 2.0 in one of it's Rocks. This is also the homeplanet to the Junkions who sell junk to others.


Galvan K

This is the home planet to the Awesomians.


Galvan L

This holds a portal to Dimensions 23 and 26.


Galvan M

Galvan M holds some of the Many Volcanoes that created some of the planets.

Galvan N

Galvan N holds a intergalactic Mr. Smoothy and Burger Shack.

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